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Biologisk medisin - en vei til bedre helse

BIO klinikken Carl-Erik Farnes

Om biologisk medisin

Biologisk medisin er et internasjonalt kjent begrep som benyttes av naturmedisinere over hele verden. Det jobbes ulikt men fellesnevneren er innvortes årsaksbehandling med naturlige midler. Biologisk medisin er en sekkebetegnelse for flere retninger. En terapeut innen biologisk medisin har fokus på å stimulere kroppens selvhelbredende krefter. Dette ved å tilføre biokjemisk de stoffer fra naturen som organismen kan nyttiggjøre i en helingsprosess. Behandlingen søker å behandle årsakene til symptomene.

Årsaksbehandling basert på ernæring, kosttilskudd, urtemedisin, immunterapi, isopati, symbioseterapi mm.

"Biological Medicine is the new frontier of modern health care. It represents an evolved understanding of health and healing in that it incorporates both conventional and alternative medical practices to stimulate, balance and restore one's own healing mechanisms. It's a unique Holistic form of medicine that involves superior and highly innovative instrumentation.

Diagnosis and treatment often involves combining biological sciences and microscopy to examine blood cells with ancient therapies such as, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Pleomorphism and European traditions of druidic medicine. Biological Medicine understands that there are often multiple hidden influences that cause illness. What mainstream medical professionals often overlook in their examinations, diagnosis and treatment, Biological Medicine practitioners intentionally set out to find. Environmental toxins, chronic hidden infections and parasites, undetermined food allergies, poor diet and nutrition and interrelated dental medical problems are all meaningful factors considered by biological medicine practitioners".

Andre interssante linker om biologisk medisin:

Fytoterapi før og nå

Lærebøker i farmakologi for medisinerstudenter inneholdt opptil 1950-årene kapitler om medisinsk bruk av urter..

Video foredrag om biologisk medisin

The Causes and Healing of Chronic Illnesses through Biological Medicine

Dr. Thomas Rau is Chief Medical Director and Founder of the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. He explains how Biological Medicine focuses on the body as a whole, searching for the root causes of illness and providing an overall wellness solution. Dr. Rau discuss detoxification, PH regulation, immune system strengthening and much more. He talks about the diagnosis and treatment of these underlying causes using Biological medicine and the tremendous long-term success rate he has had with patients.

The Biological Medicine Network